Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks and Photos

Now that I am a full week removed from the rural immersion in Nebraska, I want to offer a few thanks for people who made it such a great experience for me. First I want to thank Gary and Betty for being such wonderful host parents. I want to thank Steven and Jerri for putting together a fantastic week. I want to thank Peter for leading the course and for the different perspective that he brought to this trip. I want to thank Shelisa, Mary, and Kelli for being adventurous enough to go on this trip with me. I want to thank the congregation of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd for being so welcoming. I want to thank everybody who met with us and shared their stories with us throughout our time in Hastings. Thank you Ruth for coming to Chicago and collecting the manure that helps make this program better and better. Thank you Dennis for coming to Chicago and helping us understand the farmer's perspective. Thank you Barb, Gretchen, and Rex for giving us rides to and from Hastings. THANK YOU!

I've put together some of the best pictures of this trip in an online album. Be sure to check it out!
Rural Immersion Album